The vessel was targeted by three anti-ship ballistic missiles fired by Iranian-backed Houthi militants from Yemen
In a swift maritime rescue operation, the Indian Navy's destroyer INS Kochi responded to an emergency involving the Panama-flagged crude oil tanker, MV Andromeda Star, which came under missile attack from Houthi militants on April 26, 2024.

The MV Andromeda Star, with 30 crew members aboard, including 22 Indian nationals, was navigating through the Red Sea when it was targeted by three anti-ship ballistic missiles fired by Iranian-backed Houthi militants from Yemen. This hostile act prompted an immediate reaction from the Indian Navy. INS Kochi, positioned in the region, intercepted the vessel promptly ensuring the safety and security of all on board.

Upon reaching the MV Andromeda Star, the Indian Navy conducted an aerial reconnaissance with a helicopter to assess the situation closely. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was also deployed to carry out a residual risk assessment, confirming that the tanker sustained only minor damage and was safe to continue its journey. 

All 30 crew members were reported safe following the intervention. The vessel, operated by a Seychelles-based company, is currently continuing its scheduled transit to the next port

This incident is part of a series of attacks in the Red Sea area, which have raised global concerns over the safety of commercial vessels navigating through these waters. The Indian Navy has been actively assisting various merchant vessels in the Western Indian Ocean, reinforcing its role as a guardian of maritime safety in the face of persistent regional threats.

The MV Andromeda Star, recently acquired by a new owner from Seychelles and involved in trade linked to Russia, continues to be a critical asset in the maritime industry. The Indian Navy will remain vigilant, ready to respond to any maritime security challenges in the region.

"The swift action of IndianNavy ship reiterates the commitment & resolve of the Navy in safeguarding the seafarers plying through the region," the Indian Navy Spokesperson posted on X on Sunday (April 28, 2024) as it shared information about the operation.