APEDA describes it as pivotal moment in India's agricultural export history
In a significant stride for India's fresh fruit export sector, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, facilitated the successful export of the first consignment of MD 2 variety pineapples to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This landmark event underscores India's growing prowess in the global fresh fruit market and highlights the concerted efforts by various stakeholders to promote high-quality agricultural produce.

The inaugural shipment, comprising 8.7 metric tons (650 boxes) of the prized MD 2 pineapples, was ceremoniously flagged off by Abhishek Dev, Chairman of APEDA. The event was graced by senior officials from APEDA and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research - Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR CCARI). 

Speaking on the occasion, Dev emphasized the significance of this development, stating, "This marks a pivotal moment in India's agricultural export history, showcasing our ability to produce and supply premium quality pineapples to global markets. The MD 2 variety is renowned for its exceptional sweetness and quality, and we are thrilled to introduce it to the UAE market.”

The MD 2 pineapple, also known as "Golden Ripe" or "Super Sweet," is revered in the pineapple industry for its superior sweetness and quality. This variety has become the gold standard, with significant cultivation in countries like Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Thailand. The successful export of this variety from India signals a new chapter in the country’s agricultural exports.

ICAR CCARI played a crucial role in this achievement by providing essential technical support for post-harvest management and the development of a sea protocol for the MD 2 pineapple. The fruit was produced in the Sindhudurg district of the Konkan region in Maharashtra. A private firm, in collaboration with local farmers, successfully cultivated this variety on 200 acres, ensuring optimal quality and yield. This partnership between farmers and private enterprises exemplifies the potential of collaborative agricultural ventures in India.

The harvested pineapples underwent meticulous grading, sorting, packing, and storage in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Following these processes, the consignment was transported to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) for its onward journey to the UAE. This careful handling and logistics chain ensured that the pineapples retained their premium quality upon arrival in the international market.

The successful export of the MD 2 pineapples marks a substantial addition to APEDA’s export basket, enhancing India's presence in the global market. APEDA continues its dedicated efforts to promote the export of fresh fruits and vegetables from India, striving to open new markets and boost the country's agricultural economy. This first trial shipment of MD 2 pineapples is a testament to these efforts and the growing reputation of Indian produce on the global stage.

In a statement on June 13, the Central government highlighted the significance of this achievement, noting that the MD 2 pineapple has become the 'gold standard' in the pineapple industry. The statement further emphasized the importance of this milestone in enhancing India's reputation as a supplier of high-quality agricultural products. "In a sweet boost to India’s fresh fruit exports, the first batch of MD 2 variety pineapples were exported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)," the statement read.

The successful export of MD 2 pineapples to the UAE is a significant step forward for India's agricultural sector. It not only showcases the country's ability to meet international standards but also highlights the potential for further growth in the global market. This achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of Indian farmers, private enterprises, and government bodies working in unison to promote the country's agricultural exports.

As APEDA continues to facilitate and promote the export of fresh fruits and vegetables, this landmark shipment of MD 2 pineapples sets a precedent for future endeavors. It is a clear indication that with the right support and infrastructure, India can become a leading player in the global agricultural market, supplying premium quality produce to markets around the world. The successful export of MD 2 pineapples to the UAE is a testament to this potential and a promising sign of what is to come in the future of Indian agricultural exports.