The HAL-228 aircraft are central to a Defence Line of Credit (LOC) agreement
India has initiated a significant phase in international defence relations by delivering two Dornier-228 aircraft to Guyana, marking a strategic milestone.

These aircraft, produced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), represent a new chapter in the diplomatic and defence cooperation between India and the Caribbean. The handover occurred on April 1, 2024, underlining the deepening ties between the two nations and setting a precedent for future collaborations in the region.

Enhancing Guyana’s Defence and Connectivity

The HAL-228 aircraft are central to a Defence Line of Credit (LOC) agreement. The Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank) played a pivotal role in facilitating this LOC, which amounts to USD 23.37 million. These aircraft are poised to significantly impact Guyana’s operational capabilities, particularly in remote area connectivity, medical evacuation operations, and disaster response efforts, enhancing the nation’s resilience and emergency preparedness.

"High Commissioner welcomed IAF team visiting Guyana to deliver the HAL-228 aircrafts as part of Line of Credit from India to Guyana. A new chapter in India-Guyana partnership begins," the High Commission of India in Georgetown, Guyana posted on social media platform X.

The delivery of these aircraft is a result of concerted diplomatic efforts and strategic planning, with mutual interests and cooperation at the forefront between India and Guyana. The delivery of the aircraft involved multiple high-ranking officials, including Dr. Amit Telang, the Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, and an Indian Air Force team.

This cooperation strengthens defense and diplomatic ties, with the aircraft boosting the operational strength of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

The Guyanese government, represented by officials such as Dr Ashni K Singh and Brigadier Omar Khan, has lauded India’s support, noting the significant impact on their national defense and security infrastructure. These acknowledgments extend to the prospects of future collaboration, especially in areas of defence technology and strategic development, promising a dynamic and evolving partnership.

This defence agreement not only signifies a strategic investment in Guyana’s defense infrastructure but also heralds a new era of Indo-Guyanese relations.